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Looking for plugin developer for SSO

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I have a Wordpress site with lots of users and I want them to be able to automatically log into the community via SSO. 

So I have set up an OAuth 2.0 server on wordpress and connected it to an OAuth client on Invision Community. I have been able to log into the community via this method, so I know that it works.

But that said, I have the following challenges that I assume can only be realized through a custom plugin:

1) On the community when clicking "Existing User? Sign In", I get the username and password as the main sign-in method, with a small button next to it for signing in via Ohmify (my OAuth sign-in method). I'd like to change so that when a user clicks on the "Existing user? Sign In" link, they don't see the popup, but are automatically signed in via the OAuth sign-in option I have configured (basically moving the action from the "Sign in via Ohmify" button to the "Existing user? Sign In" link).



2) If I log into the main wordpress site, then go to the community, I am not automatically logged into the community. My first thought of how to solve this is to add a URL parameter in the link to the community so that the plugin can recognize it and trigger the OAuth signin option. But there might be better/smart ways to do this.

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