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I have been instructed https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/465292-moderators-permissions-tracking-and-issues/ to lave some feedback here, who knows, maybe in the future these will be found useful and implemented.

I don't know if I had to open a different topic for each suggestion or if only one topic is sufficient for multiple, as they are related to the same category: Moderators.

So here it goes:

  1. Set the default permissions when adding a new moderator to RESTRICTED instead of unrestricted. Either that, or add the option to select one of the two BEFORE you have to hit the save button. Reason: setting unrestricted access when giving a group or especially an individual member isn't at all a good idea since the person receiving moderator access has a brief window in which they can basically start deleting or editing stuff on the forum until you actually manage to set the proper permissions. It would make much more sense to set the default as restricted with no permissions, and then be able to calmly choose what permissions are needed instead of having to hurry to remove the permissions before the member figures out he is basically a global moderator and starts deleting stuff, warning members, revoking warnings and so on.
  2. A Moderator Settings button which allows you to set default permissions would be greatly appreciated, either that or at least a copy permissions button (there were plugins that did that) to make the task quicker. For community managers where you have lots of moderators, individual moderators and not groups, this would be godsent. It takes very much time to set permissions again and again to each and every new person you have to give individual moderator access if you need to do that very often.
  3. Group moderator permissions are overwritten if you give a person part of a group individual moderator permissions as well. Why is this? Unless they overlap and the individual moderator as well as the group have access in the exact same forum, this shouldn't happen. You should be able to add someone to a group (i.e. Cars) which can moderate a forum (i.e. Cars Forum) as well as add individual moderator access to that person in another forum (i.e. Boats Forum). You would suggest creating another group (i.e. Boats) which will solve this issue. It doesn't solve the issue if you only want to give individual moderator to just one person. It doesn't make any sense to have to create a group for just one person, especially if you have multiple forums where you only need one person as moderator.
  4. Add the possibility to quickly find out who moderates a section of the forum, be it a group or an individual moderator. There were plugins that did this, which showed a Moderated by: x, y, z under the forum/section name which allow you to quickly figure out who moderates that section but they aren't compatible with the latest version if IPS. Why isn't this already a thing? At the moment if you want to find out who moderates a certain section you basically need to go to the Moderators tab in ACP and take each individual entry one by one and see which section they moderate. If you have a big community this is basically a nightmare. Please fix this.
  5. Recently after updating to the latest version of 4.6.9 I stumbled upon a permissions bug which basically allowed members to revoke moderator/admin warnings. The thing is, I couldn't find any revoke warnings logs. Looked everywhere and there are none. The only logs are for warnings given, but no logs for revoking warnings. Would be useful to have such logs if anyone starts abusing their permissions.

That's about all.

Thank you for your time!

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