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Disable copy&paste

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Disabling copy and paste is not supported out of the box, and I strongly advice you against doing it by other means. It’s very hostile against your members, and easy to work around. In most cases, all they have to do is disable JavaScript and they can copy and paste as much as they want.

If someone wants to copy or paste, they will find a way, no matter how hard you’ve made it for them.

But since you asked, there are some solutions here, but note that they may break other functionality in your community.

Why do you want to disable it? If you tell us why, maybe we can find other solutions.

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18 minutes ago, livegames.co.il said:

This solution will work on the mobile as well?

No, there is no foolproof solution that will work on every device. It will disable copy and paste for some, while others will be able to easily bypass it.

What exactly do you mean by "copying a genuine contact"?

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