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IP.Commerce: Notify customers when their credit card expires


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In IP.Commerce, when selling recurring products, one of the main issues we face is credit card expiration 💳.

When this happens, the payment fails; an email is sent, but as it often ends up in spam, the customer only sees it too late.

Would it be possible to notify customers when their credit card is about to expire, for instance 7 days before?

Thank you!

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@Ryan Ashbrook, would you have any thoughts on this?

It could prevent some failed transactions and emails sent (cf. this topic about declined payments emails).

I understand Invision doesn't store credit card expiration dates (I think it's done on the Stripe side).
As a consequence, it would be necessary, when the customer saves a card:

  • To create a "pending" notification for this card that would only be sent on the expiry date of the card (or a few days before).
  • If in the meantime the customer deletes or modifies his card, then this notification must be deleted or modified accordingly.


Thus, even without knowing the expiry date of a bank card, it would be possible to send a notification to the customer to inform him that his bank card is about to expire.

Many platforms send notifications when a credit card is about to expire, and I find that extremely useful: we are all subscribed to more and more services (Netflix, Amazon, application subscriptions, etc.), and I think it is very important to inform the customer that his card will soon no longer be valid.

Thank you,

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