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Joined solutions and bulk reactions.


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Hi guys, what about add an option to join solutions? I realised that some of the members adding “almost” solutions to the topic and the another member adds the rest of it or at least extra information. I don’t want to be this person who on the end making an answer with two combined posts and taking away the happiness and point(most solved etc) from them. 

As well, It will be nice to add an option to send reactions in the bulk(admin only?) in certain topics( maybe can be optionally enabled in certain sub-forums) example…In https://xbox-vibes.com/topic/2284-question-of-the-weekpytanie-tygodnia-36/#comment-5982 , competitions/games all the answers are liked by me and sometimes I’d like just to pop in and award all the members who’s taking a part. 

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