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21:9 Vimeo Embeds

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The post-a-link-auto-embed-the-video facility is really neat on Invision but seems (understandably) designed for common 16:9 format videos.

Posting 21:9 (ultra widescreen) format does work but Invision leaves a lot of unnecessary white space around the embed (top and bottom). Is there a way to solve this (besides the facetious)?

Many thanks.

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23 minutes ago, Jim M said:

Are you referring to something like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo? Or are you referring to an uploaded .mp4 file directly to our software?

Thanks for asking for the clarification. Yes, a direct paste-a-vimeo-link and automagically convert to an embedded video in the forums (just like @opentype has done above this post).

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The extra space is being returned by Vimeo themselves - it's the height of the iframe which contains the embedded content. See the following:


The response is:

	"type": "video",
	"version": "1.0",
	"provider_name": "Vimeo",
	"provider_url": "https:\/\/vimeo.com\/",
	"title": "Stv-Visuals 21:9 Free Loops",
	"author_name": "Stv-Visuals",
	"author_url": "https:\/\/vimeo.com\/stvvisuals",
	"is_plus": "0",
	"account_type": "basic",
	"html": "<iframe src=\"https:\/\/player.vimeo.com\/video\/35686630?h=cc53039083&amp;app_id=122963\" width=\"480\" height=\"204\" frameborder=\"0\" allow=\"autoplay; fullscreen; picture-in-picture\" allowfullscreen title=\"Stv-Visuals 21:9 Free Loops\"><\/iframe>",
	"width": 480,
	"height": 204,
	"duration": 25,
	"description": "http:\/\/www.facebook.com\/Stvvisuals\n\nLike our page and download the loops for free!\nStv-Visuals 21:9 Free Loops",
	"thumbnail_url": "https:\/\/i.vimeocdn.com\/video\/244200203-99a5d4e8b7ef0a064558ec3f14a32c252135e5d02fa8fd633f4ba11565bb125e-d_295x166",
	"thumbnail_width": 295,
	"thumbnail_height": 124,
	"thumbnail_url_with_play_button": "https:\/\/i.vimeocdn.com\/filter\/overlay?src0=https%3A%2F%2Fi.vimeocdn.com%2Fvideo%2F244200203-99a5d4e8b7ef0a064558ec3f14a32c252135e5d02fa8fd633f4ba11565bb125e-d_295x166&src1=http%3A%2F%2Ff.vimeocdn.com%2Fp%2Fimages%2Fcrawler_play.png",
	"upload_date": "2012-01-26 07:36:40",
	"video_id": 35686630,
	"uri": "\/videos\/35686630"

The 204 height of the iframe is double the height of the actual video, so you get 51 pixels of space either side of the video within the iframe.

Edited by Nathan Explosion
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3 hours ago, PoC2 said:

In which case Invision need to get in touch with Vimeo to resolve the issue.

Meanwhile I've found a solution that works for admins but not for general members, unfortunately.

We use their basic embed code so it would be a problem anywhere it is used, I'm afraid.

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