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RSS import friendly blog formats?

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Hi so recently we've been having an issue. Some of our blogs we have as RSS imports. Usually announcements from our Steam pages, or other things we really would like to automatically import into our forum.

The only issue... is that for RSS imports, there are a lot of missing pieces of content that traditionally would be added to a normal blog entry. Things like banner images, and other things (especially in grid view) look really awkward when missing... and there is currently no good looking method for RSS imports with blogs that aren't all missing banners and pictures for grid view.

Is there any alternative view similar to grid view that would help make RSS imports more viewable?


Even just having an option to disable the grid image would be better than nothing. Why display a big stock image for a blog post when there is no image to display? I'd rather just display the text.

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The image would be populated only if the image tag within the feed is stipulated. There is no way in which to remove the stock grid image other than through customisation. You can however choose whether to show list view or drive view. You would do this from Community->Blogs->Settings within your admin CP

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