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Bug: Activity Stream Reports Wrong Person Uploaded Image

Go to solution Solved by Marc Stridgen,

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Scenario: In Gallery, an album is owned by MEMBER1.  If that album is set to allow others to upload, any files uploaded by someone else show up in the activity stream as being added by MEMBER1.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Create an album.
  • In the album preferences, set "Submissions" to "Anyone can submit to this album".
  • Upload an image into the album.  (Note the user that owns that album and that first image)
  • Confirm in the activity stream the ownership.  (It will correctly report MEMBER1.)
  • Login with a different account (MEMBER2).  
  • Upload an image into the album created earlier (owned by MEMBER1).
  • Confirm the image is owned by MEMBER2.  (this is correct)
  • Look at the activity stream.  All images are reported to being added by MEMBER1 even though MEMBER2 added an image.

This also happens even weeks later if MEMBER1 has not logged in or done any activity in the album.   It LOOKS like any activity in the album done by someone else is attributed to the album owner and not the image owner within the activity stream.  

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1 hour ago, Runar said:

I’d like to add my vote for a fix to this issue, as I’m having the same issue on my community.

Just so you know, there is no need to vote per say but knowing it is affecting you is useful, thank you 🙂 .

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