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Value display HTML for custom fields


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Coming from Xenforo the first thing I really miss is the ability to add value display to custom fields. So for example using the URL custom field you would be able to change the value display by putting the $value (URL the user puts in the custom field) and have it look like a link instead of a full URL.


  1. User puts "https:// www . buymeacoffe/username/supportmyworktodaysoicankeepgoing . com" in a custom field with URL value.
  2. The above link is also what shows on the front page which honestly looks awful when put in sidebar (and anywhere else according to me).
  3. Now if you could add the value display in the custom field editor <a href =" $value " >Support </ a>
  4. Which on front page then would be a link saying "Support" instead of a full URL.

Hope you get what I'm trying to say since this could be used for many things to clean up your custom fields and just overall make it look more professional.


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