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Add Expiration date to products and subscriptions


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I would like to request that products and subscriptions  have an option to set expiration date when there are no renewals.

I don't understand why this is not a built-in option in the core system. We can set expirations when there are renewals but not when there is a single payment 😞

What if we want to sell a product or grant access to members to a certain private forum for some time? A member will pay X and will have access to the product for X days or months. Simple. I can sell a course that gives members access to a pages application for a year. Then after the year, members won't have access to it.

That is just not possible now 😞 I hope this simple feature is added.


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You can keep waiting for that, this got suggested a few times / a few months ago I think, you can look in the forum to find it.
All you can do is wait, even tho they have not yet said they are going to implement it so you prob wait forever since a lot of features are really needed and it seems only very little manage to get implemented each update.

Just hire a developer to make a custom plugin, or U can try to use the one I have on the market.

Not trying to self promote, I don't care if you get it or not, I just know how annoying it is not to have this feature.

How you prevent them from buying it again from the store(if I understand u correctly) is out of my hand tho, for that you probably need a developer.

The Plugin above only disables the option for customers to renew certain products, nothing else.

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