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Commerce renewal term text (price) display bug


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The issue is as follows:

Have package with multiple renewal terms:

1. 30 days / $10
2. 180 days / $30 (add to base price)
3. 360 days / $60 (add to base price)

Select 2 or 3. The price will display:

"First 30 days $XX" always. If "add to base price" is selected it should display 180 or 360 days for 2 and 3. Otherwise it claims that first 30 days cost price + renewal.


Issue lays somewhere in {{$priceDetails = $package->fullPriceInfo();}}

Quick solution would be appreciated.

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  • PatrickRQ changed the title to Commerce renewal term text (price) display bug

Sure thing Marc, Configure product with such pricing/renewals


Then go to that product in store front and start changing the renewal terms. You will notice that when you select any of renewals where "add to base price" is selected the system will keep saying that this is price for first 30 days. Where it should be price for selected renewal term length.

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Image above is correct for first renewal term, which say: "First 30 days: 530" then "55/30 days". This is first renewal.

Now, switch to renewal 2 or 3 which is 180 or 360 days and adds the renewal value to the base price


As you can see it still says "First 30 days" but the price is already 530 + 275. The text should say now:

"First 180 days: 805" then "275/180 days". This is because the renewal price is selected to be added to base price, so in real customer pays here for the period of 180 days.

Makes a sense to you now? Current behavior is like not considering the value of renewal was added to base price so customer pays upfront for entire period.

In short, when "add to base price" is selected for specific renewal term then you should pull the actual term length to display for the area saying "First X days"

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