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Ok. so in ACP I do have 3 options.

  1. go with the logged in users
  2. crontab every minute
  3. use a webservice

However in the dashboard, where "background" processes are, there is one more method as far as I see. The most important one for "immediately" after conversion. The "manual run now". However, this runs from a browser and now it's third day it is running and nowhere to be finished.


I'd like very much to finish this manual run asap, then add to crontab and make sure everything is ok with database. Is there a way that I can run a script overnight that does this MUCH quicker than few records at a time through browser?

I mean the browser picks up few at a time so it does not timeout I assume, but this would be much quicker done directly on the server somehow. Or maybe I do not understand something correctly or am I missing something?



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Moreover I am very keen to see everything done manually ASAP then run more backups, delete other tables, etc. Then and only then set up cron tables for tasks and see how it all goes. 

At nights, I got at least 6 hours with minimal traffic so that could be a great time doing it manually somehow.

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