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Replicate IPB3 Recently Viewing Guests

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After moving to IPS4 we have noticed that that feature has changed majorly from IPB3 to IPS4, especially for guests since there's no number that indicates how many guests are viewing any specific forum/thread anymore which has made this a major issue for our community. Mainly because without those numbers and without a working User's browsing widgets members are lacking the statistic numbers they may need in order to considering buying any kind of advertisement from us for their threads. I have asked the developer who has been working closely with us for the whole upgrade however he said that he does not think it's possible to make that back as it was again.

I am making this thread to further ask if anyone has any ideas on how to replicate that and actually have guests again back to user's browsing widget, moreover we are looking on expanding the current user's browsing or aka Recently Browsing widget to make it more as it was on IPB3, for example, when people are viewing a thread they are still being counted on the user's browsing number on the forum itself apart from only the thread they are viewing, which isn't something that is happening on IPS4 as we have noticed.

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