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Enhancement to Calendar recurring event functionality

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Request an enhancement to the calendar to be able to set the recurrence of an event by day of the week (e.g. 1st Saturday of each month).

This is a basic functionality available on phone calendars, and it would be great to have this functionality on our Forum calendar. 


We have several recurring events that we are having trouble managing because the calendar "repeat" function just goes by days/weeks/months (e.g. repeat in 4 weeks).

This doesn't work for our Forum because many of our events simply recur on the same day in sequence each month e.g. "First Saturday of the Month."  We use "repeat in 4 weeks" but as soon as we have a month with 5 of the given day (for example, January 2022 has 5 Saturdays) the timing is screwed up.  The next recurrence of a First Saturday event is now on the Last Saturday of January instead of the First Saturday in February, and every recurrence after that is incorrect also.  This is confusing to our members, and anyone looking ahead to a specific month sees incorrect information.  We get complaints from our members about the calendar being incorrect.  

To work around this, we have to wait until the event has passed, and then manually update the event.  This is annoying and also causes us to lose the history of how long an event has actually been running, because to work around the repeat issue we must update the start date. 


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