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Repeat Member on Staff Page


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The staff page makes a handy and attractive public-facing directory for my dog club. I would like to be able to list the same member — as an individual —  in more than one category.

One thing that grumps me every time I update it is that sometimes an officer will also be the contact for a different public facing club role, for example Vice President and also Rescue Contact.  I cannot add them twice (error msg prevents it) so I either have to bury their other role in the main 'bio' card (usually upsetting the grid alignment), or use a one-member Group to get them listed on an additional card for that role. However the group method does not permit a customized 'bio' where I normally put specialized contact info; nor can a custom name be used, so I can't communicate the role without also setting up a category to hold the card.

I have no idea what's behind the limitation but would love to see it overcome.

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