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Mobile View – placement of sidebar – top or bottom


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I'm going to start off by referring to a couple of posts which are just been made – one by your own member of staff

and my response


And hopefully that extract from the discussion explains pretty well what the feature suggestion is.

At the moment you can configure the desktop view quite well – particularly in terms of the sidebar. You can configure it to be on the left-hand side of the right hand side.

However, positioning on the mobile view seems to have been left out and I would almost suggest that this might be "legacy" – something that was decided when mobile phones weren't used so predominantly for accessing forums – but they certainly are now.
Our Google analytics suggest that 60% or better of people who come to our forum are coming using a mobile phone.

So the suggestion is that in addition to being able to configure a sidebar left side a right sided in desktop view – one should be able to configure mobile view separately and designate announcements et cetera to appear either of the top or the bottom of the mobile view.

Our announcements in the contents of our left-hand sidebar are important but in a mobile view, there's just too much of it at the top of the page and it would be much better placed at the bottom of the page.
However apparently we can only do that if we decide to put the sidebar on the right hand side and that's not something we've ever done and we would prefer not to do it.

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