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Wrong release dates for downloads in Marketplace

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I was sure I had reported this earlier, but I can’t find any similar topics.

In the Marketplace, the release dates of the different file versions are wrong. It seems the release date is set to the date of the next version uploaded: If version 1.0.0 is uploaded on January 1, the “See changelog” dropdown displays no release date. When version 1.0.1 is released February 1, version 1.0.0 is suddenly showing a release of February 1.

See this picture for an example:


The list of versions show version 2.0.0 as released December 27. This is wrong, as this version was released in March. December 27 is the date I submitted the new version (2.0.1).

Also, the December 31 date displayed below “What’s New in Version 2.0.1” is the date the new file was approved.


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It seems that the date of the last change made to the file description, is being called three different things (the three red circles):


Edited, Released, and Updated all show the same date. Is this intended? Nevertheless, it’s confusing. I can understand the Edited date below the description, but something should be done about the others.

In my opinion, the Published (orange circle in the sidebar) and Released (above the changelog) dates should show the same date. The current version of the application in the screenshot was published on December 31, so that date should be shown in the changelog as well as in the sidebar.

Finally, a date is missing where the purple circle is located. Here, the Published date should be displayed. Currently, no date is shown here until the next version is published, and then the date is wrong (see first post).

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