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Custom Content Stream Filters not Working


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So this has been an issue in our community for a while, so figured I will test it out here in Invision's community to see if the same thing occurs.  Well to my surprise it does. Anyway here is the issue:

When I am creating a Custom Activity Stream to see lets say Files Uploaded to the marketplace I set it up like so:


As you can see above I want just content items and not reviews or comments.  Now when I browse through my stream I just created I get the following:


Yes....reviews are still coming into the stream even though I specifically said not to add them.  In our community comments come through also, but I am assuming I am not seeing comments here because the Marketplace does not have comments on files enabled.

Maybe this is a bug or maybe I am misinterpreting what those filters actually do, but would love for someone to take a look at this.

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