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Ability to upload custom plugins

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Earlier this year, I commissioned a custom plugin, which has been running happily on my Starter plan cloud site ever since. (I mean, I assume it's happy; it doesn't talk much about its feelings.) But now, I see that uploading custom plugins is listed as outside the scope of the Starter package. Did this drop off the Starter plan list of features recently? I assume it did, or I wouldn't have been able to upload the first one, unless I'm some sort of unconscious hacking genius. (Spoiler alert: I'm not.)

I had envisioned commissioning additional plugins over time, but I have no intention of upgrading to the next plan anytime in the near future, since it would double the cost of running the site and I am nowhere near the membership level to justify it.

I am sad.



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Ooh, I've been living a life of unconscious crime? No fair! I never even got a chance to enjoy that I got away with something illicit!

That said, if the need arises, will I be able to upload a new version of the custom plugin? For instance, if it someday needs to be updated to make it compatible with a new release of IBS? 


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