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Featured products widget - missing alt & closing p tags

The Old Man

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Hello there,

FYI W3C Validator fails when the Featured Products widget block is used, tested with IPS 4.6.9.

The widget shows a small image of each product but the alt attributes are missing for each.

I also get errors (3 products, 3 errors) stating "No p element in scope but a p end tag seen" for each featured Commerce product in the widget:


The opening P tags are there for each products, so perhaps they are being closed out of place?

Also a Warning message on the top Sign In form on index page - I think this one may have been reported previously but just for the sake of it:


The aria-checked attribute should not be used on an input element which has a type attribute whose value is checkbox.

<span class="ipsCustomInput"><input type="checkbox" name="remember_me" id="remember_me_checkbox" value="1" checked aria-checked="true"><span></span></span>


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