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Does IPS commit to a real Quality criterion?


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On the sales page we can see that some brands use IPS but concretely I think there must surely be better than that in terms of proof of Quality?

If IPS was engaged in obtaining a quality mark, proof that the site complies with certain standards of assistance to subscribers if this exists of course?

Let me explain :

For example in my country, in order to be able to sell training financed by the government, certain things must be proven by going through an independent body verifying the quality of the training center, in particular in the monitoring of students.

With IPS it would be possible to have:

An activity report report on members:

Connection duration, time, abandonment rate, etc ...

Certification achievement rate (level group promotion)

Performance indicators

How does IPS implement measures to encourage registrant engagement?

What are the management procedures for withdrawals and systematic reminders?

What are the tools and methods favoring the involvement of the beneficiary?

What are the procedures for positioning new members?

How is the accompaniment and follow-up of the members done?

Pedagogical follow-up booklet Support sequences, student teacher discussion

Concerning people with disabilities, is there something?

What are the means implemented for the methods of dealing with the difficulties encountered by the stakeholders, the complaints expressed by the latter, the contingencies that have arisen during the service?

Description and implementation of these modalities (acknowledgment of receipt of complaints and responses provided
to claimants), satisfaction surveys, analysis and
processing of complaints made by trainees, mediation system.

What are the remote connection aids?

modalities enabled for ease of use
and the appropriation by the beneficiaries of the resources
(face-to-face, remote, shared space),

evidence of dialogue between provider and tutors for adaptation
 tools and methods promoting the involvement of the beneficiary (co-constructed documents, shared spaces)

What self-assessment tools made available to beneficiaries
assessment of prior learning at entry

What method of identification and reflection on the causes of abandonment
or the reasons for dissatisfaction?



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