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Amazon S3 File Storage HTTP 400 Error

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I followed this guide but despite following the steps and doing them over 3 times, I am getting this error:

There appears to be a problem with your Amazon (dkrbucket3) file storage settings which can cause problems with uploads.
After attempting to upload a file to the directory, the URL to the file is returning a HTTP 400 error. Update your settings and then check and see if the problem has been resolved


Anyone have any ideas?

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4 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Could I please confirm this is the standard Amazon storage method, and not an alternative?

Correct. Although I have to say I've also tried Wasabi and I am getting a "failed to connect" error. I thought it could be some firewall issue so I disabled CSF but it's still not working.

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35 minutes ago, H5K said:

Amazon was HTTP Error 400, not failed to connect.. 😕

To confirm, you are able to reach your bucket from your server?

I would recommend confirming that and that all your settings are indeed correct. Something seems wrong here or is getting stripped from the request to produced this result. 

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