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Post #0 unset as best answer

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I wonder if the message "Post #0 unset as best answer" is the correct expected value in the moderator logs (in the ACP and in the topic itself). It seems weird to me. The language key is modlog__best_answer_unset which defaults to Post #%s unset as best answer. I believe that %s should be replaced with the post id (pid).


If we check the logs for setting the best answer, we can see that the post id (pid) is being set correctly:


Upon inspecting the source code, I found the bug at 


Where it is:

\IPS\Session::i()->modLog( 'modlog__best_answer_unset', array( $item->$solvedField => FALSE ), $item );

It should be:

\IPS\Session::i()->modLog( 'modlog__best_answer_unset', array( $comment->$idField => FALSE ), $item );



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