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[Pages] Old Activity showing up in custom search

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This is regarding records in databases in Pages.

My Activity Streams > Create new stream

  • Content items only
  • Content types: (selected all databases, which contain articles)
  • Read status: everything
  • Ownership: everything
  • Following: everything
  • Time period: last 7 days
  • Sorting: newest activity first

To my surprise, very old articles showed up. The reason being: I recently moved these articles from one category to another. IMO, these articles shouldn't be listed. Simply moving an article from one category to another shouldn't trigger it as being a "new activity".

If this is the intended behavior, then the text should be about the item being moved, not about it being posted.

Edit: this was caused because the records were edited. However, I don't think a simple edit shouldn't trigger this.



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@Marc Stridgen

Upon further inspection, I made a small mistake in my original post. I found out that the records shown in the screenshot were actually edited. So the stream was populated with them because it probably does a query by updated date. This might be the correct behavior. However, it is weird to show the original post date ("9 years ago") in a stream that I set to only show the contents from the past 7 days. So, these records shouldn't be list or, if listed, have a phrase that shows something like "Edited 3h ago" instead of the original post date ("9 years").

Answering your question, the links for the example in the screenshot are as follows:

News in our database "Notícias":




I created an RSS feed for the custom search detailed in the first post, so you can check it out:


Pay close attention to the <pubDate> for those three articles.


Edited by Gabriel Torres
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  • Solution

The changing of what it says on the stream you would need to post up as a suggestion if you wish for it to be changed there. However the fact it is being moved up when its edited depends on your own settings. On the settings of your database on the options tab there is an "Update the last action" item. This will be set to one of the top 2 options, which are either "When the item is edited or a new comment is made" or "When the item is edited only"

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Hi @Marc Stridgen, I see, here it is configured as 

Update the last action: When the item is edited only

However, as I said, it looks weird that the item is listed with its original published date, because it shows an old article in the middle of the articles. I believe this could be improved to show "updated" and the updated date.

I will open a topic in the suggestions forum as per your suggestion.


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