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problem with page database and secondary group permissions

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Good day,

I am having a problem with a custom page and secondary group permissions. The secondary group permissions are not taken into consideration 😞

This is my problem:

  • I've created a page and database where I have a tutorial
  • Users from primary group X can see the tutorial and the page where it's embedded. So far, so good.
  • I have added certain users from user group Y to a secondary group. I want these users to read this tutorial as well
  • This secondary group HAS permissions to view the page and the database


  • The secondary group, even though it has the permissions, CANNOT see the page and database
  • Only the primary group can see the database and page. Why can't the secondary group view the page/database context? It has the required permissions. It seems that only the primary group is taken into consideration 

Thanks a lot

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