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Notification Flood from Product Purchase (1 per item qty)

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I have a (rarely used) store item for donations that lives as a product in my club's dues renewal category. I originally set it up as a $1 item and the member could set the quantity to establish the magnitude of their donation). I just had a member donate $35 and I just received (as did the 'notify on purchase' email address) 35 copies of the donation notification. Oops! I hope the donor didn't get 35 copies. Oog.

Is there a way to either limit notifications to one per product (not quantity OF that item) or alternatively, to have a store item with an arbitrary cost? 

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Yes, in this case, you (or anyone specified under the Purchase Notifications setting for the package) would receive an email for every purchase generated of that particular package. These emails are unique to the actual purchase itself, even if purchased alongside other purchases of the same package type.

These emails, however, do not go out to the user - they would receive the standard invoice paid notifications, which will have grouped them all together (since those emails are unique to the invoice that was generated, not the purchases themselves).

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