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What's does it cost to self host vs cloud plan.

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We are currently on the IPS cloud plan and spending 330 USD per month.  

Last month we had 1.9 million page views and 130 Average user count.  We also pay for Amazon AWS media hosting that comes in at between 20-30 per month.

Next year I want to look into options on self hosting and seeing what can be saved on the running costs.  

Is anyone running a similar sized forum and can give me an idea of what the self hosted route may cost.  

Or any other advice on this? 

 Thanks in advance. 





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Thanks for sharing.  

What traffic does your set-up support? Why do you need 2? 

I've spoke to my wordpress provider, site ground, and they recommended their cloud hosting. 

4 CPU Cores
40 GB SSD Space

$60USD per month

I'm don't actually know what my requirements would be or if this would be enough. 

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