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Bug Report: Cannot Correctly Merge Forum and Article Topics

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I have found a bug that occurs when trying to merge duplicate forum topics with a topic created from an existing article/record from the Pages CMS.


  • 'Articles' Database has been created in Pages CMS
  • Under 'Forums' tab in Database settings, 'Post Topic' and 'Use Forum For Comments' is checked, and a destination forum specified

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a record in the 'Articles' database, then post a comment on the resulting article page. This should create an associated topic (for the article content) and post (for the comment content) in the destination forum, as outlined in the Database settings


2. Create two forum topics in the same destination forum set in the Articles Database settings. Select the two duplicate topics, plus the topic created via Pages CMS (titled 'Test Merge Article 2' in the below screenshot).


3. Select the 'Merge' option using the mod options at the bottom of the screen. The only options available to you are to make either of the two forum topics the dominant topic. There is no option to make the topic created by Pages CMS ('Test Merge Article 2') the dominant thread.


4. Select one of the two topics as the dominant thread (I chose 'Test Merge Forum Topic 1'), and select 'Merge' (I also opted to 'leave a link to the new location', but I do not think this makes a difference to this bug)


5. This is the result: not only is the resulting forum topic forced to keep an incorrect and unintended title and URL (in this case, I am forced to accept 'Test Merge Forum Topic 1' as the dominant thread and not 'Test Merge Article 2' as desired, meaning that I will have to rename the merged topic and change other details), but the merged topic is seemingly de-coupled from the Pages record and the comments removed from view when visiting the record on the Pages side of the site.


I am sure this is a bug (or a design oversight) as I cannot imagine this is intended behaviour. I should be able to merge forum topics into a Pages CMS-created topic and have that be the dominant thread, with all merged posts within that topic being associated with the Pages record. Can this be investigated and fixed please?

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