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Replacing achievements with their next version


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Hi! Achievements system is a great one and it can boost activity. But in it's current state there's just too many of them and their value is decreasing the more achievements users earn. Say, we have achievements for 10, 50, 100 and 500 posts. So when user will reach 500 posts they will have all 4 of them which is not great. And it's only one system. When we add another achievements to it it becomes a mess because achievements page is full of ranks of the same achievements.

I propose a simple solution. Instead of changing the system from scratch you can provide two variants - for those who are happy with so many achiements and for people who don't like how they work. In rules you'd need to add another condition like this:

then: assign a new achievents (exactly like it is now)

replace achievement (if exists) [dropdown list of achievements] with assigned one.


This will make this system much more usable.


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