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support form doesn't seem to be working properly

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I've just filled it out three times, each time it said I'd receive a confirmation at my email account, but each time, nothing?  And I checked the email address, and I've received other email at same in the meantime, SO??

I could reiterate it all here but in case someone is actually paying attention to this and did actually get my forms even without confirmation . . . maybe you already know?

Some sign of life from someone working here would be splendid, thanks.

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Sorry for any confusion, we have received each of your requests. I would advise checking your spam folder of your email or contacting your email provider if you did not receive the confirmation emails from our support email account.

With that in mind, please be aware that we did respond to your tickets within an hour. Our response times for support tickets are 72 hours but as you have experienced, our responses are usually much faster than that.

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I checked spam too, I'm not a complete idiot, there's nothing in there.  Still.  Checked again now.  Should be 3 replies . . . but there's not even one.

Meanwhile, just to make super duper sure, I changed my email address in my control panel.  It's now at hey.com, supposedly one of the most technically solid email addresses in existence.  I won't post it here, but that's the domain of email address you should use now, just to make as absolutely certain as possible there's absolutely NO WAY I'm not getting any email you sent.

Please try sending your replies there where there's virtually zero chance I won't receive them, or just post them here so I can see them too, because clearly I never got these others?


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  • Solution

I have replied to the ticket with your new email address but please find our reply to your issues below:

The table below has crashed and will need to be repaired by your hosting provider or server administrator. Please contact them for further assistance. Please note that a table crash is always due to a server issue and not a software issue so working with your provider/administrator here is important to identify and resolve the issue.

Table './lesbotro_board/core_pfields_content' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed (144)

Regarding the Error myisam_sort_buffer_size is too small you will need to contact your hosting provider for assistance here. We would recommend switching to InnoDB if your server supports it (which most do these days) as not only will this help resolve the issue but InnoDB is faster than MyISAM.

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I did get the more recent emails.

Again, as I said, I did already repair the table myself using other info I found online.  No longer crashed.

So the substance of my remaining question was still:

1) determining WHY this happened 

2) what to do to prevent it from happening AGAIN


So you're saying I need to switch to this other thing then?  

What's involved in that?  Just telling my hosting provider, or is there something about making this switch that's actually more complicated than that?

AND what else is going to crash and break instead when I do this?

(Because my experience is that it WILL very likely be something not already mentioned.)

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You would need to reach out to your hosting provider for the investigation into why the table crash happened. I'm afraid, a table crash always happens because of an issue on the server side rather than the software side, such as improper shutdown, corruption on the storage disk, etc...

Switching to InnoDB would be your hosting provider's responsibility as this is a MySQL server management aspect. Typically, this can be done with pretty basic commands from a knowledgeable server administrator. If done correctly and your hosting is configured correctly, there would be no issues. If you do encounter issues, you would need to work with your hosting provider to resolve those. As always, ensure they take a backup of your database prior to attempting.

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