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Emojis no longer (properly) supported in Forum title fields?

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I added emoji for fun to the staff forums some time ago, but since we upgraded to 4.6.8 the emojis no longer look right. 


The Thread Cemetery (our replacement for the old IPB trashbin) icon actually looks okay, the only difference is that it is greyscale I think?


They look fine in the ACP.

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6 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

That is something that would be a theme discussion. There is no support for anything other than text within forum names. I will move your ticket over to our community support area where you may be able to get some assistance.

Huh? It has nothing to do with any themes, they are emojis added from the right click context menu, they are not icons that were uploaded into a theme.

Emojis are supported just like any other typed text nowadays.

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4 minutes ago, opentype said:

Yeah, it’s just text, but text can be styled. So that’s probably what is happening. Impossible to tell from a screenshot though. 

You are right, so I added it in again and viewed it in the default IPB style, so you and everyone else should be able to reproduce it. You can even see in the dev console that the emoji is being rendered properly.


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