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PHP 8+ HexToRGB plugin

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On PHP 8 the opacity option for the HexToRGB plugin is failing:

		if ( isset( \IPS\Theme::i()->settings[ $opacity ] ) )
			$opacity = \IPS\Theme::i()->settings[ $opacity ];

		/* If a regular setting key has been passed in, then use that as the opacity */
		if ( isset( \IPS\Settings::i()->$opacity ) )
			$opacity = \IPS\Settings::i()->$opacity;

If you pass through a standard setting (not theme setting), on the theme setting check you'll get crashes with an undeclared constant:

Undefined constant "IPS\Theme\my_transparency_setting"

This may, or may not, have been happening IN_DEV for years, but it's now in production on PHP 8 as well (reported the IN_DEV hitch YEARS ago, was told working, and have been routing around it with an IN_DEV plugin since then that just makes the check for the setting opacity first and then just does the numerical conversion there before passing to the output plugin)

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