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Rate limit to a specific IP

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6 hours ago, Pushpendra Singh Chauhan said:

Could anyone guide me how to restrict the maximum number of requests a particular IP address is able to make in a given window of time ? Is this possible within IPS? If not how we can do this in Apache?

That is not something that is built in Ipb. It will require a custom app.


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The BEST way to do this would be with a Web Application Firewall that sits in front of your website such as Cloudflare. 

If you have root level access to your server, you could look at mod_evasive or mod_dosevasive which would give you controls that you could apply in https.conf or in .htaccess if enabled.  You could also look at a software firewall for your server with CSF.  (It makes it much easier to manage than using iptables manually. 

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