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What are the differences between "articles" and "blogs"

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I would like to set up a blog only use by my company and separate from community blogs.

Do I have to use articles ? or I just create a blog with specific permissions ?

What is goal of Articles ?

Thank you in advance for your help.


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Marc Stridgen
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Generally, Blogs are for user-generated content and Articles (Pages) are for editorial content.

With Articles you have more possibilities. You can:

  • cross-post your content into forums automatically
  • synchronize articles comments to your forum as post reply
  • create any template to change look and like of your articles
  • add additional custom fields and set permission on every field individually

To get the first idea what is possible with Pages, go to https://www.opentype.space/ and choose Page Templates from Menu. Everything you see there is made with Pages. Templates are ready-to-use and can be purchased via Marketplace. There also some free resources like 


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Blogs are exactly what they say on the tin. They are blogs and nothing more. However articles are simply a database that is created in the pages application. Its 'articles', only because thats what it happens to be called on that database. It could easily be bug reports, or car stats, or any number of things, with any number of different fields, field types, which can then be customised only to within the limits of your own coding knowledge. 



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