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Canonical link for default page of community.

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I ask question in 

 but i don't receive any answer, so execuse me, please, for needidng to duplicate question here, in support forum.



A question about canonical tags.

I have set up the '/community/store/' section as the main community section ( '/community/'  (default page in ACP)).

After that, I received a notification from the Yandex search server that the '/community/store/' pages were excluded from the search on Yandex because it is a duplicates for '/community/' and the canonical link for these duplicates are not specified.

As a result, all my links in '/community/store' disappeared from the search and this led to very tangible losses for me.

Please tell me in which section of the admin panel I can configure the canonical view for the default community link, i.e. where I can configure the addition of such a tag to the <head> tag of the '/community/' page:

<link rel="canonical"  href="http://www.example.com/community/store"/>

For more information, see the instructions of the Yandex search engine:



Right now I neeed to add <link rel="canonical"  href="http://www.example.com/community/store"/> tag to Commerce app main page.

Where and how I can do it ?

Please, answer as soon as possible.





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5 minutes ago, opentype said:

She made the Commerce app the default app. 

Yes, sure.

Now I set default app "System" back, and try to get help from Yandex support.

Also I write letter to hoster support, but hoster answer they can't help, because they can't set canaoncal link at server, only in page code.

Now I wait answer from Yandex support.


3 minutes ago, Matt said:

I'm on Julia's site and the default community page is streams, so did you change that recently Julia?

Yes, I return  settings back, 'system' is default app now. 

But it not solve problem, Yandex crawler still say to '/community/store' :  "visited, but not added into search base".


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