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Contact and info - upgrade?

Byron Guyer
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Over the last couple of weeks, I have send several emails to people in tech support, plus two messages using the contact form, but no responses so far. 

A while back, I was told that my hosting company is requiring a newer version of IPB software.  Right now, my forum is dead in the water.  What I need to know is how to upgrade into a board version that works, and what that cost might be, and any other details. 

Is there a new or better way to contact support?





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Hi there!

We have responded to each of your requests, however, it does not appear that you have received our replies.  Please check the email address in your Client Area and ensure it is correct. If it is, please check your spam folder for our replies or contact your email provider to see why our replies from our support@invisionpower.com account are making it to your mailbox. Alternatively, you can change your email address to something else.

Getting to your issue, however, to check your server's compatibility with the latest release of our software, please see the following file. You can upload this to your server and then browse to it in your browser. Please have your hosting provider correct any issues in red. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7046-invision-community-requirements-checker/

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Hi, Jim!  Many thanks for this reply.  No idea why the others never made it to my email.  Searched the spam filter, and its settings, to no avail.  I may want to switch to an alternate email system, just to see if the current email host has issues

I'll check out the link you provided. 

Thanks again.

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