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Zapier Event when User is registered without payment

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I've enabled the "Force Subscription purchase when registering" and I've users registered without subscription plan. And this not all, this register send an event to zapier and register in my ActiveCampaign a new user with payed privileges, so I start to send some automatic mails about payed services. There is a stroong issue.

Or we have more events to discriminate any scenario to send to zapier or IPS cant send this zapier without subcription plan payed.

Can you take a look and find a solution?

I've the usr id=2300 in this situation.

Thanks a lot.

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Correct, it will be something we look into here. Daniel submitted a report in our internal tracker and one of our developers will look into this odd behavior. While I can't provide a specific release it will be in, we will look to solve it. Thank you for bringing this up and drawing our attention to it!

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