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We are an association and we use the donation module of nexus to finance ourselves.
For this year, I am looking to increase the volume of our donations because our costs are structural and new projects are coming up and I realize that Nexus only offers one-shot donations.
Is it possible to add an option "a bit like patreon" so that our members can make a monthly donation via paypal or stripe? 
The option could be used, but would allow to do without this type of platform 🙂



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11 minutes ago, DawPi said:

There is great option for that - Subscriptions. Build it into Nexus too.

We already use the subscription system for our memberships, but the subscription sets a price, in the case of donations, everyone gives what they want.
The problem is that some people could possibly decide to give 5-10€ every month in addition to their membership, but don't have the means to do so (because they just don't think about it) 🙂

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