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Stripe purchases should always create a Stripe Customer

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I'm using Stripe for processing payments and I have noticed that during checkout, if a new customer deselects the "Save card for future purchases" option then their details (name, email etc) are not stored in a Stripe "Customer" object, instead the card transaction is processed and only a "Guest" customer record appears in stripe - this makes it hard for us to navigate our Stripe account and match up Customers and their purchases with our IC database.

I have looked through the code (/applications/nexus/sources/Gateway/Stripe/Stripe.php ~line 436) - and it seems this logic is intentional. I understand that the existing IC logic chooses to do this because the user has said "Don't remember my card" - but in my mind the two are not connected, IC is able to not "remember" the card while still creating a Stripe "Customer" reference - they aren't really related features. If the Stripe "Customer" record was always created it would make browsing our Stripe Dashboard much easier and when the member adds another card to their IC account or purchases something again, Stripe will aggregate all their purchases under 1 customer, rather some as a customer and some as a "Guest" (or multiple Guest purchases)

So I'm asking if you'd be open to changing this logic slightly to help all your customers that use the Stripe integration.



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