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Subscriptions Earned For Activity

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I don't think this is really achievable currently. So just brainstorming and welcoming ideas! Lets say...

All users start in community via usergroup 1 (free)

"Subscription A" is purchased and user is then moved to usergroup 2 (which has more features). THIS IS NORMAL FUNCTIONAILITY

How can you award "Subscription A" to user based on activity levels? You can set up usergroup promotions to move to usergroup 2 but not award them "Subscription A" for free.

Possible solution #1: Task runs to see who has X amount of activity per X amount or time (not a one and done achievement, more of maintain the level of activity to maintain the subscription so users keep coming back)

If member in usergroup 1 has X amount of activity per X amount of time (say 5 posts per 30 days), they have "Subscription A" added to their membership/account (moved to usergroup 2) and maybe a tag of "earned" or something like that to decipher the difference of earned vs paid. 

When task runs again, and member now in usergroup 2 does not meet the activity threshold, they get moved back to usergroup 1 and "Subscription A" is removed.

This sounds very challenging to implement.

Possible solution #2: Use group promotions to move member from usergroup 1 to usergroup 2 based on predefined criteria, activity. On the /subscriptions page,  "Subscription A" has a notice or the button action is removed, and a message states the member has earned "Subscription A", or something like that. 

Email notifications on earned and removed status would be good too.

I think solution #2 may be achievable if you use group promotions and then a plugin to run a task to:

Look for members in usergroup 2 who do not have and actual "Subscription A" and remove the ability for them to subscribe to "Subscription A". Add a message on the subscription page that they earned "Subscription A". 


Ideas? I'm trying to find a way to give a free subscription with membership upgrade on recurring activity levels over 30 days, to raise activity levels. But be able to show it and not just use a group promotion. Show the subscription was earned set period of time.

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