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Badges / Rules for Subscriptions not working

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Since the beginning when Badges/Rules/Achievements first come out I created a couple rules based on subscription purchases.  If a user purchased a sub and is active; it was supposed to award a badge and specified amount of points.  However, this doesn't seem to be working. It seems to have stopped running for some reason as 08/15/2021 was the last member it awarded.

Is there a way to run rules so it will pickup all members in that group?

I have 109 Silver Supporting members that have purchased subs and are active:

Badge shows that only 3 people have them:

Here is the rule that I have setup:

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12 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

I will need to run a rebuild on the achievements system there to see if this picks up. Are you happy for me to go ahead and do that?

Yes, feel free to. I was trying to figure out how to do the rebuild, but couldn't figure out where that is.

Nevermind - I found it and started the rebuild process.

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