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Commerce: Lacking sale management and promotion

The Old Man

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Please could you consider adding some sale tools and promotion blocks. 

Perhaps I've missed it, but aside from specific store item checkout discounts on previous purchases, user group and x items in the basket, there doesn't seem to be any overall time based sale management or promotion settings provided in Commerce, which as an online store app, is kind of odd.

Suppose for example, I wanted a sale of particular group of products from 23:59 28.10.22 to 0000 01.11.22. It should be easy to configure the details, name of the sale, the product groups/products, the discount percentage, buy x get x free. Choose from a color changeable banner or announcement header and widgets or upload my own images.

You can obviously do a few of these things with the existing announcements and pages blocks, but it would be easier if there was a sale and promotion section in Commerce out of the box, to make a good app, even better.

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