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Dark mode inheratance for the main theme


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I assume it is because it basically turns the default design into two designs and you need to add a switch somewhere, that take up more space in the navigation.

It's not very difficult to add on your own, though. I have a codepen where I have my code that I use:


I also added a cookie for this to make the change persistent.


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On 12/15/2021 at 6:01 PM, Mark H said:

The default Theme can be recreated by going to the ACP -> Customization, Themes page and clicking the "Create new" button in upper right. Give it a name, no parent, make it the default for the front end if desired, and save. That will be a default unmodified instance of our Theme.

But how can I create it if I have deleted it?

Dont I have to download it first to install there?

Or where can I find it on Marketplace? 

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