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Theme Differences Suggestion (This site)

The Old Man

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Please could you add the abilty to select a template by name and find out when and in what version it last changed?

Reason I ask, there were some hard coded CSS values in 4.5 missing from the new AdminCP color selectors, and I wanted to see if they had been updated with the new CSS variables etc so I could remove my CSS overides:

/* Fix inner color on activity stream item circles and times */
.ipsStream .ipsStreamItem_contentType, .ipsStreamItem_time {
	color: rgb( var(--theme-section_title_font) );

/* Fix color on reported content page */
.ipsApp .ipsDataItem_new, .ipsApp .ipsDataItem_success {
	/* background-color: var(--positive-light); */
	/* background-color: rgb( var(--theme-item_status) ); */
	background: rgb( var(--theme-moderated_light) );

.ipsProgressBar_progress {
	color: rgb( var(--theme-section_title_font) );

Secondly, the page of results can get very long. Please could you consider add a drop down select box to filter the templates displayed by name? Or perhaps a list of clickable template names in the results at the top if there are say more than 5?

Thank you!

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