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Sign in to market place in ACP error

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5 minutes ago, Muddy Boots said:

@Stuart Silvester


Nope and Nope.....

But I think I have worked it out - If the community is OFFLINE then I get the error - As soon as I put the community Line I can log into the market place

Is this a bug as I would have thought I should be able to login to the market place in the ACP even if I have the community offline

That shouldn't be the case, I will test further. Our response logs shows that a security hash didn't match. That comparison wouldn't occur if the offline page was blocking the process, but it is an interesting point.

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Ok let me know, after you posted I tried again and it was having none of it - same error

Yet on another forum online I own I could log in and out of the market place so I went back to the offline forum and put it online and then logged in no errors

So was just thinking that was possibly why

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