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Subscription plans and groups

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I setted up my website in a way that only paid subscribers can become a member (have an account).

I was wondering how it works at the end of their subscriptions ? In with user group they will be attached to ?

I have 2 types of group:

Member (normal member - not use for the moment)

CLUB Member (paid subscription) -> the only way to register currently.

If a paid CLUB Member doesn't renew is subscription, will he fall in the default Member group 1 ? (without any configuration needed on my side?)


Thanks for your help.

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The answer to your questions here, is it depends what you set up in those subscriptions. The group they are attached to is the group you specifiy in the subscription you set up, if you set it to do so. If you do, then it will downgrade if you have set it to do so. In the "benefits" section of the subscription you set up, you would set it to move users to whatever group you choose, and set it to reset if you wish for it to move them back afterwards. 


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Thank you Marc.

I read the post and your answer, but I'm sorry, I still don't understand, how to set up this subscription in the following way:

1 - When a guest buy immediately a subscription plan (without having yet an account), he will be added to a paid user group called "Paid Member Group" (with specific permissions)

2 - When its subscription ends, he is automatically downgraded to a "normal" non paid user, in a group called "Member" (with specific permissions)

How can I be sure that he will be downgraded in this specific user group called "Member" ?

By the way, I don't understand neither how works the "reset" function.

Many thanks for your help.


PS: Is it possible to create manually a subscription with start and end date, for my members (imported from my other website) who paid by an other platform then "Commerce" (I mean who became member using an other ecommerce platform).




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Take a look at the guide I linked to above, which shows how to do this. If you select "Reset" and its someone who purchased when they signed up, they would be returned to the members group. You can be sure it does so simply by selecting that option when you set up a subscription

You can add people to a subscription, yes. You would click on the + icon at the side of a subscription in order to manually add members to it.

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