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Groups displaying random colors

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When I edit groups html they display random colors no matter what I put in there this is a code example: <font color="red">Group</font>

Instead of red it displays green or some other random color, what's this caused by? I'm confused.

After many tries it finally updates and work properly, I tried purging cache on cloudflare and I even asked people if they see the same think (they said yes so it's not locally happening).

This never happened to me before, it makes no sense. Also this is happening on all themes, not just 1, so it can't be caused by a specific theme.

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13 minutes ago, Miss_B said:

What happens if you use the color instead of html? And the font tag has been depricated for a while btw. 


Normal color works just fine.

Didn't know it was deprecated, but what to use instead? I need to use html because i have icons for groups as well.


Edit: i'll use span I guess that one is good

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