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Three issues with poll display


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1. Poll in user profile

Poll in user profile looks messy. There should be better template, compare to default vertical poll block from Block Manager.


2. Buttons in poll block

When using poll as block, we have three buttons that take more place than poll itself.


Can we have button split here? The same for vertical block.

3. Custom block vs. Block Manager

If I create a custom block for the poll without any changes to the template, I get another look.


Yes, I know that one can change HTML template. But if I create a block based on already existed block and do not change anything on the template, then I expect the block to look the same as the original. Probably it is relevant to the bug https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/463943-box-format-for-wysiwyg-editor-bug/#comment-2870283 here.  

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