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Renewal Price increased without notifying existing clients.

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They sent out an email on the 14th of September.




I’m writing to you to let you know about a few changes to your Invision Community license.

Don’t worry, it’s not bad news, but there is a price increase, so let’s get that out of the way first and then get onto the good stuff.

We’re switching to annual renewals with a modest price increase. The new renewal cost changes are as follows (per year):

  • Forums: was $50, now $80 (increase of $2.50/month)
  • Blogs: was $20, now $30 (increase of $0.83/month)
  • Gallery: was $20, now $30 (increase of $0.83/month)
  • Downloads: was $20, now $30 (increase of $0.83/month)
  • Pages: was $30, now $45 (increase of $1.25/month)
  • Commerce: was $70, now $95 (increase of $2.08/month)

I realise that price rises are never fun, but it’s worth remembering that the renewal prices haven’t increased since we launched that pricing model for self-hosting licenses over a decade ago.

We feel that Invision Community offers exceptional value for money with its rich functionality and power at your fingertips. Our licenses are not tied to major versions which means whenever we release new features, you get them without any additional cost; it’s all covered with your renewals. The last few major versions have added significant new functionality including a complete gamification system, anonymous posting, Zapier integration and more.

We have switched to an annual renewal to simplify billing and bring it more in line with industry standards.

The other change is in how you get support.

We believe in the power of community. It’s what we do, after all. We have helped thousands of communities create thriving support areas where customers get fast help, with the added bonus of a living knowledge base to search for answers before even needing to ask.

While we have had our own support areas in the past, these have been peer-led and unsupported.

We want to change this and make our own community a stronger hub for support and advice.

For most customers, support is simply “how do I do this?” and these questions tend to be quite similar. Rarely, support questions are “this went wrong”, and we usually get our developers to look.

With that in mind, we’re keen to invest in our community support by asking that your first point of contact for support as an active license holder be in our new support area on our forums. Our team manages these forums, so you will see familiar faces replying to each topic. In addition, you may find other experienced customers who will offer advice.

Creating a strong support community backed by our support technicians will result in a more detailed and richer set of answers. Please don’t worry, our support team can still convert the topic into a support ticket for our developers if something needs investigating.

We know old habits die hard, so even though we will encourage you to use the new monitored support forums, you will retain email ticket support until 1st January 2022 or when your license expires, whichever occurs later, so you have time to settle into the new way of working.

For those that wish to retain ticket support longer term, we will be unveiling a premium support option soon.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you on the forums!

All the best,



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