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Cache issues - unable to switch off

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I have had a problem enabling the Redis cache. I have a message in the Dashboard saying "Caching is not working correctly. Review your caching method configuration and adjust the settings as needed."

I have therefore tried to switch the cache off first before looking into it.

However, when I change the settings to no cache, then download and upload the constants.php file when I return to Dashboard it says the cache is still enabled and there is still a problem.

Can you help please?



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Hi @Marc Stridgen we may be getting crossed messages as there is a parallel request with my server tech support.

They now say they have enabled Redis - "I have enabled the cache extensions on the server end." so perhaps that was causing the error messages and now it is working the errors have gone.

I have now enabled Redis and uploaded the latest constants.php and all seems fine. If the error msg comes back I shall let you know.

Sorry, if this was a false alarm caused by my server tech support not enabling the Redis component!


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55 minutes ago, Rob Fielding said:

Hi @Marc Stridgen apologies. I've been looking at other site issues and when I checked back in the forum admin area I am getting the "Cache Not Working" error message again. All the login details should work if you are able to take a look and correct/advise.

Thanks again!

could you please provide the security answers in the notes section of the access details area or disable 2FA?

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Thanks for updating that information. Unfortunately, the software is unable to connect to Redis by the configuration details provided. I would advise reviewing each and every piece with your server administrator or hosting provider.

Additionally, there are a ton of errors being generated from Tapatalk in your System Log. You will want to bring this to their attention for assistance or disable the application till it is resolved.

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